Top 5 Beauty Trends at Virtual Skin Spa


Top 5 Beauty Trends at Virtual Skin Spa

Getting to the bottom of beauty trends is a lot like jumping down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland; try as you might, it’s nearly impossible to find articles that offer up the latest trends in beauty. Once they’re published, it often seems like everyone already knows about it. At Virtual Skin Spas, we don’t follow trends but often blaze the trail to achieve the ideal aesthetic outcome.  Hence, we want to share the top trends that we have scene at Virtual Skin over the past year.

Our team at Long Island’s Virtual Skin Spa decided to spill the beans about the hottest new treatments:

Most Hollywood-Approved Trend: The Kylie Jenner

Leave it to the Kardashian family to set the standard for a top-rated aesthetic procedure, right? According to attendants at the Virtual Skin Spa, people who are impressed by Kylie’s naturally full pout are asking for a procedure that mimics her lips’ fullness without the typical “altered” look that plastic can offer.

Most Significant Body Improvement: The Kybella Booty Lift Combo

Kybella is one of the newest fillers to hit the scene, and it’s already becoming one of the most popular on the market. Recently, beauty experts began to use this filler as a way to get fuller glutes. Then, to add extra life, cosmeticians use skin-tightening lasers.

For women who have been thinking about getting the surgery, this could be the best way to get the results they want without having to spend a fortune—or even go under the knife.

Newest Cellulite Treatment: and Combined Non-Invasive Booty Lift: Sculptra

Credit: Instagram

You might be aware of Sculptra as the collagen-boosting filler that has been making faces more youthful from coast to coast. But, did you know that it’s also becoming a very popular treatment for cellulite, stretch marks and a non-surgical butt lift? It’s true.

After scientists noticed that increased collagen helps both stretch marks and cellulite’s appearance, Sculptra became one of the most popular treatments for these two common problems. Also you can use Sculptra to increase the size and shape and achieve a gluteal augmentation without the need for surgery.  As you can see the results are phenomenal!

Hottest Plastic Surgery Alternative: Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Credit: Instagram

It’s really incredible how much difference having a slightly different nose can make, isn’t it? That’s what made rhinoplasty, known more commonly as “a nose job,” a perennially popular plastic surgery option. However, nose jobs have major drawbacks—including their price and potential for complications.

Aesthetic providers recently developed a way to alter the appearance of someone’s nose using dermal fillers, with results often mimicking what a plastic surgery procedure would offer. The results last up to two years, have a minimal risk of complications, and have been skyrocketing in demand (results may vary).

Hottest Skincare Ingredient: Probiotics

As you might already know, there’s always a new “it” ingredient on the market. These days, the staff at Virtual Skin Spa have been noticing a marked increase in the demand for skincare ingredients that involve probiotic bacteria.  We have been recommending probiotics for a while as we do not consider this a new trend.

Probiotic bacteria has been shown to help reverse aging and improve skin tone. With many Hollywood elite relying on it, you can expect to see this trend hitting upscale store shelves sooner rather than later.  At Virtual Skin Spa we offer these are other procedures that are on the cutting edge without ever needing a surgical blade.

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