Malar Restoration in Long Island

Nothing says classic beauty like high cheekbones.

Having high cheekbones has long been associated with timeless beauty, but the reality is that not everyone is naturally blessed with them. Furthermore, as we age, our bones and collagen diminish, causing our cheeks to lose their shape, flatten out, and sag. If you’re unhappy with your cheeks’ appearance and want to bring them in line with the rest of your face, cheek (or malar) restoration is an excellent option. For those looking for a less invasive alternative to surgical procedures, Virtual Skin Spa in Long Island has options for you.

Virtual Skin Spa owner Theresa Pinson and her team will work directly with you to achieve your cosmetic goals. During a simple consultation, you will discuss where to place dermal fillers, how much to use and which ones to employ. This appointment is key to constructing a plan with realistic goals and expectations in mind.


Dermal fillers offer an alternative to facial implant surgery for those seeking to enhance their cheekbones with malar restoration. By contouring facial features, such as cheeks, with the use of fillers, patients can achieve higher and more defined cheekbones without undergoing surgery. It’s important to note that injecting dermal fillers for cheek augmentation requires a certain level of skill that not all injectors possess.


The use of injectable fillers can help achieve a smoother curve or a more defined ‘apple’ effect for the cheeks, resulting in increased symmetry and dimension to one’s facial structure. This approach can effectively enhance other features as well.


Unlike surgery that may require clients to be swollen for 1-2 weeks and take up to 2 months for the final results to show, dermal fillers offer immediate results with minimal or no bruising and swelling. Furthermore, there is no downtime needed for the procedure.


Dermal fillers can be compared to the makeup contouring technique used by makeup artists. Just as a brush is used to reconstruct the face without discomfort or downtime, fillers can also enhance the facial structure. Unlike implants, the use of dermal fillers poses a lower risk of complications and infection.

Cheekbone Enhancement at our Long Island Spa

Malar restoration can be a good option for those who are looking to enhance their facial features without undergoing surgery. It is important to consult with a qualified and experienced cosmetic injector to determine the best approach and type of filler for achieving the desired results. Virtual Skin Spa offers a variety of malar restoration options in Long Island.

The Fillers

Loss of volume in the cheeks due to aging can be corrected with dermal fillers, such as Radiesse, Juvederm, or Perlane, which are used to restore volume and enhance contours. While surgical options such as midface lift or cheek implants are the most effective long-term solution, dermal fillers have advanced over time, allowing for skilled injectors like Theresa Pinson to achieve long-lasting and effective results.

Dermal fillers offer a safe and effective way to achieve a more youthful and harmonious facial appearance. Made with natural substances and FDA-approved, these fillers are injected beneath the skin with a fine needle into targeted areas such as the cheeks. The filler substance plumps up the skin from underneath, smoothing wrinkles and adding natural-looking volume in the face.

What to Expect Post-Treatment

The objective of cheek restoration is to boost the face’s structure and provide a more natural look. Attractive cheekbones are a crucial aspect of facial attractiveness. Defined cheeks enhance facial harmony, improve the facial outline, and signify youth. Results are immediate with minimal downtime, although some may experience slight swelling and bruising.

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