An Alternative to Botox

Following its FDA approval in 2002, Botox has been the number one brand of botulinum toxin that people have turned to to reduce the effects of aging. Botulinum toxin injections offer safe and consistent results without the need for cosmetic surgery. Many patients are reluctant to start botox treatment because of one, simple reason: the price. However, the world of botulinum toxin injections has changed dramatically with the introduction of Daxxify— the industry’s newest cosmetic solution to aging. We offer an alternative to Botox with Daxxify injections in Long Island.

What Is Daxxify?

Daxxify is the beauty industry’s newest breakthrough in botulinum toxin injections. For the last decade, Revance Therapeutics has conducted clinical trials on Daxxify’s state-of-the-art proprietary peptide formula. Daxxify tackles issues such as crow’s feet and frown lines through the same face-relaxing method as Botox, providing an alternative to the popular medicine.


Daxxify is administered through small injections in targeted areas of the face. The toxin blocks nerves that control movement in areas of the face that are susceptible to fine lines and the effects of aging. The medicine halts muscle contractions in the face and by doing so, stops aging lines from developing, while softening ones that may already exist.


Daxxify’s rigorous testing has concluded no adverse side effects for the injectable. Additionally, Daxxify lasts longet than other brands on the market. While Botox injections typically are readministered every three to four months, Daxxify injections can last six months or longer— with immediate results after each appointment.


Daxxify is an ideal choice for people looking to reduce the effects that aging can have on their facial expressions. The treatment is proven to tackle the presence of glabellar lines, crow’s feet, “worry” lines, wrinkles and more.

What’s the Difference Between Daxxify and Botox?

Daxxify is not all that different from Botox. Simply put, they are two brands of the same product, with minor differences in formulation. Both products work the same and are derived from botulinum toxin.

However, in terms of longevity and consistency, Daxxify excels beyond the performance of Botox— offering patients longer-lasting and instantaneous results. Like Botox, the procedure is virtually painless and brings no adverse side effects. Additionally, Daxxify is available at a lower cost than its competitors, making it one of the most enticing injectables on the market.

Who Can Use Daxxify?

Men and women over the age of 18 can safely use Daxxify so long as they don’t have any history of allergic reactions to dermal injections. Speak with us at our Long Island medspa today to see if Daxxify is right for you.

What to Expect Post-Treatment

As you already know, you can expect the results of your Daxxify injections to last up to six months and sometimes longer. Like Botox, remaining consistent with injections is advised in order to maintain your axial appearance. Continued sessions help train the muscles in your face to stay put in a relaxed position, therefore reducing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Post treatment, patients can expect minor bruising or redness around the injection sites, but this typically dissipates quickly. Patients should abstain from alcohol or blood thinners prior to injections to reduce the chances of bruising. It is also noted that laser treatments and intense sunlight are not advised for the days following your injections.

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