Tone Up with EmSculpt in Long Island

Tone Up with EmSculpt in Long Island

Getting a toned body is an ideal held by anyone trying to look and feel their best. Unfortunately, achieving that ideal is easier said than done. Building the gym into your already busy daily routine takes a lot of effort and sacrifice. Your daily reality becomes eating right, working out, and discipline. Or, you could achieve that toned body with four sessions of EmSculpt in Long Island at Virtual Skin Spa.

If you haven’t heard of EmSculpt, don’t freak out. It’s a new, non-invasive procedure aimed at reducing body fat and building muscle. EmSculpt is a type of electrotherapy that sends electronic signals to the targeted area causing the muscle to contract up to 20,000 times in the span of thirty minutes. This rapid contraction is the cause of the breakdown of fat and the tightening of muscle. This level of muscle tightening exceeds that of any manual workout a session at the gym can render. What would be achieved in months of working out can be done in two weeks of EmSculpt.

I know, it’s hard to believe. However, we are past the age of eel elixirs and magic weight-loss pills. It’s time to revel in the medical breakthroughs of the 21st century and shock our muscles to conformity. Since coming to market, EmSculpt has been a useful tool for many to achieve the final touches to a toned body. Its ease of use and diversity of application makes it an accessible option for body aesthetics.

Most of the focus around EmSculpt is concentrated on abs, but EmSculpt can be used on a variety of muscles. Thighs, biceps, and buttocks are all viable candidates for the therapy and can be done with EmSculpt in Long Island. The procedure works the same way no matter the muscle group; shocked to contraction to simulate an intense workout impossible to achieve otherwise. EmSculpt is also used as a frequent treatment for Diastasis Recti, also known as Abdominal Separation. The procedure helps rebuild muscle in those separated abs.

While EmSculpt is a great tool to tone the body, it is important to know the expectations before undergoing the procedure. EmSculpt sees an average of 23% reduction in abdominal fat and a 15% increase in abdominal muscle three months post-procedure. That’s more than 1/5th of your stomach fat gone. It’s important to keep in mind that EmSculpt is a tool best utilized along with exercise and is not a replacement, but an instrument that will help you get through those last miles on your trip to the ideal, toned body you want. If you are curious about the procedure, you can learn more about it here. Virtual Skin Spa will leave you in the best hands to receive EmSculpt in Long Island!

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