Eye Hollow Correction

Remove the dark circles under eyes or the sunken eye look in our Long Island, NY facility without eye bag surgery.

One of the most common complaints that patients have about their eyes is the appearance of dark circles. Some dark circles can be the result of shadows from bulging under-eye fat, sinking skin or bags. Though reasons for these circumstances vary, the aesthetic of a hollowed-out appearance creates a tired look, even after a great night’s sleep. However, total rejuvenation is still possible with eye hollow correction.

Any changes, subtle or drastic, in the under-eye area, can be associated with a combination of factors: fat loss, change in the supporting tissue in the periorbital area, and changes in bone structure. Visit our Long Island, NY spa now for your first step to looking and feeling younger.


The process is non-invasive, using the properly assessed best option of a soft gel filler available. This means no surgery. No downtime.


The filler is strategically injected into the target area to begin your youthful transformation with a smooth tipped, flexible microcannula. Placement is important. Although one may assume the treatment is uncomfortable- it’s hardly noticeable and can be performed and completed on someone’s lunch hour.  A small entry point is introduced with the filler.  The tip of the cannula is round and smooth to avoid nicks to nerves or veins – a huge factor to diminish the risk of potential, yet temporary bruising.


  • Safe, Effective, FDA-approved
  • Pain-free (Non-invasive)
  • Desired expectations are met successfully
  • Results are immediate
  • Long-term solution for under-eye hollows


The result is instantaneous and long-lasting, producing a more natural-looking enhancement. Your skin will remain as flexible as your own youthful and original tissue, restoring the best possible version of yourself!

Volume Loss Equals Under-Eye Hollows

Volume loss under the eye casts shadows that make you look older and tired. Replacing that lost volume used to be only an option through surgery. Not anymore! The use of fillers has been proven to be both safe and very effective in correcting this loss of volume.


Belotero is the safest and most effective treatment for under-eye hollows. The area under the eyes is very delicate and easily bruises. Belotero is a unique fine filler that is specially designed for this under-eye area. If injected properly, it will look smooth and softer under the eyes decreasing darkness.

As we age, the natural support layers in the skin break down. This breakdown process results in the wrinkles and muscle deficit we see in the mirror. Belotero Balance or Restylane becomes the support replacement, gently lifting wrinkles the same way your natural hyaluronic acid used to.

Hyaluronic acid, the natural sugar that fillers such as Belotero Balance and Restylane are made from, is virtually unmatched in hydrating skin – Resulting in increased smoothness, softening, elasticity and decreased facial creases. Hyaluronic acid molecules can hold 1,000 times their weight in water, adding a maximum hydration effect to skin tissues. The way your skin looks directly relates to the way your skin is supported.

What to Expect Post-Treatment

You may experience a small amount of swelling following the procedure as the filler attracts water in the skin. This will reside within a day or two. The use of a microcannula significantly reduces the risk of bruising, but it can still happen- slightly with mild discomfort. Certain supplements and medications will make you more susceptible to bruising.

Theresa Pinson, NP has particular experience in improving the area around the eye with the utmost safety. She routinely uses the most advanced products in the marketplace, leading the industry, for filling under-eye hollows to lessen dark circles and help make the eye area appear much younger.

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