Restylane Eyelight in Long Island

Treat Hollow Looking Eyes

Sunken eyes, heavy bags and crow’s feet are a common side effect of aging, but they don’t need to be. Restylane Eyelight is a dermal filler designed to solve the pesky issue of tired looking eyes. At Virtual Skin Spa in Long Island, we offer Restylane Eyelight injections to bring life back to your eyes.

WHAT IS Restylane Eyelight?

Restylane Eyelight is a dermal filler meant to treat the tear trough area below the eyes. The hyaluronic acid-based injectable gel is designed to tackle depressed, sunken and tired looking eyes.

How It Works

Restylane is administered via needle below the eyes. Once beneath the skin’s surface, it attracts and attaches to water molecules, leading to a boost in volume. The filler’s hyaluronic acid initiates the body’s natural rejuvenation process, promoting healthy and plump skin, leading to less hollow eyes.


The FDA-approved dermal filler is safe and requires little to no recovery time. Hyaluronic acids are naturally produced by the body and are a risk-free way of tackling the effects of aging. A small dosage of lidocaine is included in the formula, making the injections relatively painless.


Restylane Eyelight is designed to treat the tear trough area found below the eye by smoothing out the area and providing volume. This provides a more rested look that appears natural and seamless.

How Many Sessions Does Restylane Eyelight Require?

Though everyone is different, a trial including over 300 patients concluded that one to two sessions of several injections typically provides desirable results, lasting up to 12 months. For those with more severe symptoms, additional sessions may be required.

Who Can Use Restylane Eyelight?

Men and women alike can benefit from Restylane Eyelight so long as there is no history of allergic reactions to dermal fillers or lidocaine. Still, it is crucial to always speak with your doctor before undergoing injectable treatments.

What to Expect Post-Treatment

After the treatment, patients may experience slight bruising or redness around the injection sites, but these usually subside quickly. To minimize the risk of bruising, it is advisable for patients to avoid alcohol or blood thinners before getting the injections. Additionally, it is important to refrain from laser treatments and prolonged exposure to intense sunlight in the days following the injections.

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