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An Affordable Alternative to Botox

Ever since Botox hit the scene in 2002, people have been using botulinum toxin to reduce their fine lines. It’s a great choice that offers safe, reliable results without plastic surgery. The biggest drawback for clients, though, has always been price. Recently, a new alternative to Botox has been revealed. It’s known as Jeuveau, and it’s been proven to offer great results.


Jeuveau is now being called the “new Botox,” and rightfully so. It is the first neurotoxin treatment to be approved for cosmetic procedures by the FDA. This toxin is based on botulinium toxin and reduces wrinkles through the same face-relaxing methods that Botox uses.


Jeuveau works by blocking nerves that control movement in areas that are prone to fine lines. By preventing muscle contractions, Jeuveau stops fine lines from getting worse while softening the lines that may have already developed.


To date, there have been no adverse effects found with typical use of Jeuveau. It is considered an excellent alternative to other injectables and is just as effective as Botox. Jeuveau is safe, requires no downtime, and also provides excellent wrinkle-fighting results.


Currently, Jeuveau is only FDA-approved for cosmetic purposes. It is an excellent choice for people who want to reduce the appearance of glabellar lines, crows’ feet, laugh lines, forehead or “worry” lines, and wrinkles around the mouth.

What’s The Difference Between Jeuveau and Botox?

Jeuveau and Botox really aren’t that different. They are two brands of the same product, each with slight differences when it comes to how they are refined. Both weigh about the same, work the same way, and also are both made from botulinum toxin A.

Unlike Dysport, Xeomin, or Juvederm, Jeuveau and Botox can be used interchangeably. They can be stored the same way, injected the same way, and yes, will deliver the same results. The biggest difference is price. Jeuveau is less expensive than its predecessor, Botox.

Who Can Use Jeuveau?

Both men and women over the age of 18 can safely use Jeuveau. This is as long as they don’t have a history of allergic reactions to dermal injections like Botox or Xeomin. That being said, Botox allergies are extremely rare and shouldn’t be a concern for most patients.

What to Expect Post-Treatment

The results of your Jeuveau treatment will last approximately 3 to 5 months. As with Botox, repeated rounds of injections are advised in order to maintain your appearance. Continued sessions will help train the muscles to remain in a more relaxed state. The aftercare protocol is also similar and includes bruising around the injection site. Prior to treatment, it is advised the patient forgo using alcohol or blood thinners to decrease the risk of bruising. Patients should also avoid getting any laser or skin tightening treatments and intense sunlight in the days after.


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