Luminous Liquid Eye Lift

We all know that with aging comes sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines—and the eye area is not immune to these signs. Droopy eyelids can be a result of a natural loss in collagen and elasticity over time. As gravity takes its toll, more patients are seeking out a solution to combat eyelid ptosis, or drooping lids. Rather than opting for surgery and a long recovery time, Upneeq is a non-surgical eyelift alternative for those who want more “open” eyes.  Virtual Skin Spa can prescribe Upneeq at our Long Island, NY Med Spa.


Upneeq is a prescription eye drop designed to temporarily treat droopy eyelids caused by blepharoptosis, aging, genetics, surgery or other underlying medical conditions. It is the first FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment to address mild to moderate droopy lids.


The Upneeq solution works to trigger specific receptors in the upper eyelid, temporarily tightening the muscles and raising the lid. One drop of Upneeq should be administered into each eye, every day. One treatment is effective for up to eight hours.


The liquid eye lift is a great alternative for patients with low-lying lids who are not candidates for traditional eyelift surgery. Upneeq can be used cosmetically to improve the appearance of droopy eyelids or medically to treat those who suffer from line-of-sight issues.


The results of Upneeq start to lessen after six to eight hours. They’re most noticeable within two hours of treatment. Most patients experience more than a 50% improvement after the first use of Upneeq and approximately a 1 mm of lift in their upper eyelid.

Can Liquid Eye Lift Drops Replace Traditional Surgery?

Upneeq will not yield the same dramatic results that are achievable by undergoing traditional eyelift surgery. However, this non-surgical alternative can provide patients with a youthful, refreshed appearance. Upneeq is a helpful, albeit temporary, solution to achieving an improvement in patients who suffer from eyelid ptosis.

Who Is a Good Candidate For UPNEEQ?

The best candidates for Upneeq are patients who have mild to moderate droopy eyelids as a result of aging, genetics or side effects of Botox treatments. Patients with a medical history of high or low blood pressure or cardiovascular disease should consult with their doctor before using Upneeq as it can interfere with certain medications. In addition, those who experience reduced blood flow, lightheadedness upon standing or dry mouth should monitor their symptoms.

What to Expect Post-Treatment

In some cases, liquid eye lift patients have reported seeing the effects of Upneeq in as little as five minutes after treatment. Although, it’s most common to see the full result in the two hours after Upneeq is used. After one drop is administered to each eye, the lid should widen about 1 to 2 mm, depending on the patient. The eyelids should remain elevated for up to eight hours. The most common side effects include eye redness, inflammation, blurred vision, irritation or headache.

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