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The Closed Facelift™

The signs of aging aren’t always easy to combat, and prevention can only go so far. As we age, people who want to maintain a youthful appearance will need more assistance than what Botox can provide. In the past, this meant that patients would need to undergo invasive plastic surgery in the form of facelifts.

Recent technological advances made it possible for patients in Long Island to get the effects of a facelift without surgery. It’s called a Y Lift, and it’s now available at Virtual Skin Spa’s convenient location.

What Does A Y Lift Treat?

A Y Lift is a treatment that’s designed to combat the facial sagging and volume loss that occurs as people age. People who have experienced significant volume loss around their cheekbones, jawline, and undereye areas tend to see the best results with this procedure.

How Does A Y Lift Work?

Y Lifts use dermal fillers to restore the volume in key points around your face. However, this is not your typical dermal filler procedure. In a normal dermal filler session, the fillers are injected in the first couple layers of dermis. A Y Lift requires the fillers to be injected in deeper layers of your skin.

The fillers are also injected in a “Y” shape throughout key points in your face. By adding volume in these places, your skin starts to support itself better. This, in turn, contours your skin in a natural and more youthful look.

Why Choose A Y Lift?

A Y Lift is one of the most convenient, safe, and affordable procedures to offer facelift-like results. Patients who are worried about invasive surgery or want a more affordable option will love Y Lifts.

Additionally, Y Lifts are known for requiring zero downtime. So, if you can’t take off from work, this “lunch time facelift” is the right choice for you.

Is A Y Lift Permanent?

Due to the fact that Y Lifts use dermal fillers to achieve their goals, Y Lifts are able to last for up to two and a half years. The results are not permanent.

What Is A Y Lift Treatment Like?

One of the reasons why Y Lifts are starting to gain so much popularity throughout Long Island and New York CIty is because of their speed. Once you book a Y Lift, all you need to do is stop by our office and let the specialist treat you.

Prior to your treatment, your specialist will analyze your skin and sanitize it. Then, a needle-like object called a cannula will be inserted under your skin. The cannula will funnel a high quality Hyaluronic Acid-based filler into your skin.

After the filler is added in, the cannula is removed. Next, your specialist will manually massage your face in order to spread the filler into the desired locations. You will then rest for a short period of time as the fillers settle into place.

No painkillers are involved, and the entire process takes only 15 to 30 minutes. The only side effects that are noted is mild swelling that disappears in a day or two.

Can I Do Y Lifts For My Face Shape?

Of course! Y Lift injections are always customized to help enhance your natural features and improve the shape of your face. This means every single Y Lift will be done differently, and that every person can benefit from it.

When Do I See The Full Results?

A large portion of the Y Lift’s results can be seen almost immediately, however, it can take up to two weeks to show the full results of this process.

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