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Malar (Cheek) Restoration / Definition

Malar (Cheek) Restoration / Cheek Definition

Nothing says classic beauty like high cheekbones.


A visit to our Long Island, NY spa will have you on your way to looking younger and more elegant. High cheekbones have always been a mark of classic beauty. They are perceived as more attractive and beautiful. But in reality, most of us aren’t born with high cheekbones. In addition, as we age, skeletal changes, fat loss and collagen depletion will flatten the cheeks and diminish what little shape we did have. This is most apparent in patients that are slim or have an age-appropriate weight. The cheeks prominence becomes less and more saggy. In addition, this can accentuate sagging in many other areas of the face like the hollows under the eyes, the jowls and a downward turn of the lips. Makeup is an illusion, and a time-consuming one at that. Blush or rouge may help cheeks look a bit different, but it doesn’t affect the actual shape.

Cheek Augmentation, also known as Malar Augmentation may be a good option if you are looking for a way to make small cheeks match the rest of your face. This procedure uses a Cheek Implantor Malar Implant for Cheek Enlargement, to improve facial proportions and enhance your self-confidence. Smaller cheeks may not support the lower eyelids, so Augmentation Malarplasty is often performed in conjunction with a lower Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), when there is concern with lower eyelid support. It also helps balance these facial features, shorten the height of the lower eyelid and create more pleasing facial proportions. However, many people are looking for the results but are not ready for an invasive, surgical procedure to meet their standards or expectations. Fillers are a perfect alternative for approaching the same concerns and delivering optimal results!

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  • No down time needed! Surgery may leave clients swollen for 1 to 2 weeks, and final results can take up to 2 months to even become evident. Dermal fillers provide immediate results with little to no bruising and swelling.
  • Customized Client Interaction: Theresa is able to work with you in real time to ensure he achieves your cosmetic goals. You are able to make suggestions on where the dermal filler is placed and how much is used. She will provide an assessment and recommend the proper fillers for treatment. Her guidance will be key in developing a communication plan that will meet realistic expectations and successful results.
  • Lowered Risk: There is much less risk of complication and infection when using dermal fillers rather than implants.


While the most effective long-term solution to cheek volume loss is surgical (midface lift, cheek implants), the effect of aging can easily be corrected by dermal fillers such as Radiesse, Juvederm or Perlane. As dermal fillers have evolved, volume restoration and contour enhancement have become the objective of advanced injectors like Theresa. Fillers will restore facial harmony and provide a youthful aesthetic.

Dermal fillers are FDA-approved products made with naturally occurring substances. They are injected beneath the skin in the targeted areas using a very fine needle. Once the filler substance has been injected, it plumps up the skin from beneath, filling wrinkles or augmenting facial features such as cheeks.


These fillers can be used to give the cheeks a smooth curve or a more defined ‘apple’ effect. This will ultimately sculpt and create more symmetry and dimension to your facial structure essentially enhancing your other features. In a similar fashion to the contouring technique down by professional makeup artists, fillers can be used the same way as a makeup brush- an effective tool for reconstruction without any discomfort or downtime.


The results are immediate with minimal downtime (slight bruising and swelling may occur). The goal of cheek restoration is to enhance the structure of the face and restore a natural appearance. Attractive cheekbones are an important element of facial beauty. Well-defined cheeks create balance, improve the facial profile, and are a symbol of youth.

Using dermal fillers to contour facial features, such as cheeks, requires a level of skill that few injectors possess.

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