HydraFacial for Men

For decades, people have assumed that self-care is a girlsthing.Its not; its incredibly important for everyone to help their bodies and minds feel their best. In the realm of skincare, this means that getting the right treatment is a mustespecially for men.

Of course, in todays fast-paced world, finding the time for skincare isnt always easy. Thats why men throughout the New York Area are turning to HyrdaFacials to get them the results they want without the long wait times.

Finding a spa that accepts male clients isnt always easy. At Virtual Skin Spa, we are happy to provide HydraFacial treatments to men who need them.

What Is A HydraFacial?

Every kind of facial can be beneficial to a mans skincare routine, but HydraFacials are a cut above the rest. HydraFacials use cutting-edge technology to provide world-class results, all in under 30 minutes.

The goal of a HydraFacial isnt just a pick-me-up; it reverses the damage that has already been done to your skin. Most people who have three HydraFacials or more notice a very distinct change in their skin quality.

HydraFacials Work For Every Skin Type

Most facials are preferred for only one kind of skin type, but not HydraFacials! These are dermatologist-approved for men of every skin type and have been proven to improve some of the most common problems that men experience. These issues include:

  • Dry Skin. Whether you have naturally dry skin, or dryness due to aging, you will be able to get the moisture you need from HydraFacials.
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles. HydraFacial treatments reverse the damage caused by sunlight and encourage the disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Skin Texture. Smoother skin is only three facials away.
  • Discoloration and Dark Spots. Uneven skin pigmentation no longer has to be part of your life.
  • Aging and Skin Tone. Losing skin elasticity as you age? HydraFacial treatments can help you get it back.  

Get A Boost!

Every person will have skin with unique needs, and if you want to get even better results, we have a way to make it happen. Virtual Skin Spas Boosts will give you better results than ever.

  • Dermabuilder Boost. The Dermabuilder Boost uses a specialty blend of peptides to improve skin tone and elasticity, reversing major aspects of damage.
  • Brightenol Boost. Want brighter skin? Brightenol is designed to help even skin color, give your skin a brighter appearance, and reverse the discoloration caused by UV rays.
  • Brightalive Boost. Brightalive Boosts use the power of skin brighteners and peptides to improve elasticity, skin tone, and remove dark spots from your face.
  • Growth Factor Boost. When men worry about aging, nothing can help reverse time like the Growth Factor Boost. This specialty booster hydrates, fights fine lines, and reverses aging symptoms.

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The Virtual Skin Spas talented staff can help men of all ages look their best. Our HydraFacial treatments are easy to book, and always a phone call away.

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